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Monday, January 9, 2012

Trade with Eric

Eric of “Manupatches and Mustaches” said he had a bunch of 1981 Topps to send me (you’ll see all those later) and who am I to turn down someone sending me cards.  But then a day or so later he posted this card, which I wanted.


Juan Pierre Liquorfactor (Cognac) card.  Although after I scan these I think they look like they are camouflaged.  I like all the sparkly cards in last years set and I’m sure I’ll like them in this years set.

Pierre had his moments for us, but I liked him.  They say he’s the hardest working guy in baseball.  I know when he was struggling with us, he went out and played hard every day.  You have to respect that.  Everyone has slumps, it’s how you perform while in those slumps that makes the man.  And he kept his head up and work even harder to overcome the slump.  Like I said, you have to respect that.

Along with the huge stack of 1981 Topps, he also sent some other Sox cards for my collection.  Because he’s cool like that.


A couple of our new managers rookie cards.  And you can’t go wrong with a vintage, even if it is a reprint.  Not positive what the Luke Appling is, haven’t logged it in to my collection so I haven’t googled it yet.  A Sale mini I didn’t have, I have a few of the mini’s but I didn’t have this one.  And since I started this photo with our current manager, I’ll show our last manager at the end.  Although I picked it out because it’s a cool photo.  This is just a few of the cards he sent.

Thanks Eric, I’ve scrounged up some cards for you but I want to pick up a few more before I send out your package.  But I’ll definitely hit you back.  And thanks again for all the 1981 Topps.  Huge help to the set.

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