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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Trade with Dennis

Dennis doesn’t believe in fair trading.  He likes to send huge box loads of cards, knowing I only have a few cards set aside for him.  Actually, Dennis knows I’m good for it because we’ve traded before and we email a bit with our interest in the Wolverines.  He had said he was going to send me a package so I expected the Wolverine auto’s he sent because we had discussed those before.  But he sent me a box full of Sox cards as well.  You’ll see those here, you’ll have to check out the Wolverine cards over at Dennis sight “Too Many Manninghams” which he lets me guest post there.

Like I said, he sent me a crap load of Sox cards.  I won’t go into all of those but I will show the Konerko cards.  There were about double these just in Konerko cards but I already had the others in my player collection.  But they will probably all be needed in the White Sox Collection.


All these Konerko cards will go to the Konerko collection.  And I will be going through the rest of the box to find a huge amount of Sox cards to go to the team collection.

Thanks Dennis, above and beyond as always.  I’ll be looking out for some great cards for you.  Be sure to check out his blog “Too Many Grandersons” or Verlanders or whatever he’s calling it now.  Also check out his other blog “Too Many Manninghams” to see more of the package he sent me.  I’ll be posting it there right after this one gets posted.

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