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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Trade with Justin

Before I get to this trade, just a couple of quick things.  I hope I’m not overloading your blogrolls with all the posts.  I’m trying to post a 1981 post and a 1973 post during the day while I’m at work and then a normal post in the evening.  I was going to do one a day but I got to thinking, that’s over 1300 posts between those 2 sets, plus my other posts.  That’s almost over 4 years of posts a day.  So I’m posting 1 a day of each set.  Although I’ll be out of 1973 in a few weeks then it will slow down.  The 1981 posts will be going for a long time because of great bloggers like Eric at “Manupatches and Mustaches” and Kyle at “JABO’s”.  Both sent me huge stacks of 1981 cards along with other trade cards.  Those cards you’ll see in upcoming trade posts.  But you’ll have to wait to see all the 1981 cards, 1 at a time.  Just like they will both have to wait until I find some great cards to send back.  Thanks to both of you.

Justin of “Justin’s World” and I traded a few cards back and forth and before I get to what he sent me, let me just say, his package is the reason I love trading in this community that we have.  Along with the cards he sent me, he added 5 packs of Cars 2 stickers for my son.  Which came at a great time because they quit selling them here.  I loved explaining to him that someone I’ve never met, sent those to him.  Truly awesome package Justin.  Oh yeah, here’s the cards.


I’m told that anything over 25 years old is considered vintage.  That makes this whole package vintage.  But, in my mind, anything before the 80’s is vintage.  But I still like them all.  Love the vintage because, well, it’s vintage.  And love all the 80’s because of the flashbacks of childhood.

Thanks again, Justin.  Check him out here at “Justin’s World


  1. Loving those 74s.

    My definition of vintage is one year before you were born (i.e. 1975 is vintage to me, but not to someone older than me). It makes you feel young until some punk kid comes along and says 1993 is vintage to him.

  2. Is that your way of never becoming vintage?

    I hear you on the kids, I have a 16 year old and she was born in 1995. It just doesn't seem right. I'd feel sorry for them if their "vintage" was the 90's. I can't imagine getting excited about collecting a set from that era.

  3. for me, if the card came with bubble gum, it isn't vintage...

  4. That's a good way to look at it, but when did they start putting the gum in. I remember it in most of the 80's, if not all.