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Friday, January 13, 2012

What to do?

I ponder this question most evenings.  Spent last night working on copying team set lists over to my own list again.  I started with the year 1900 and I’m only at 1922.  I’m excited to get to the current years just to see if I already have any team sets.  But I’m forcing myself to start where I left off and work my way to the current years because it keeps me motivated to keep working on the lists.  Problem is, I have a whole slew of crap I should be doing.

  • Getting trade packages ready to go out.
  • Scan and write up posts for 1973, 1981, Today’s 9, ect.
  • Want to change my blog template, background, ect.
  • Finish team sets lists and player collection want lists.
  • Shop on ebay to spend my ebay bucks.
  • Put away PC cards already scanned.
  • Catch up reading all of your blogs.

There’s probably more but I just can’t think of them at this point.  I suppose it would help if I would concentrate on one at a time until I complete it, but where’s the fun in that.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I need to spend my money better and I’ve heard other bloggers mention this and I think I’m going to head that route as well.  I’m only going to spend money on stuff for my collections or trade bait.  I’m going to try to limit my spending on buying packs and blasters.  The logic I heard, and agree with is, why spend $20 on a blaster of cards and end up with a few cards for my collection when I could spend $20 on cards I want.  I’m going to try to join some box breaks and get cards that way.  The bad part is, that leaves me very little to trade with so I will probably have to cut back on the trading.  I do love trading with bloggers because they are so generous but I won’t feel comfortable trading somebody a few cards when I know they will send me a stack.  I’ll feel guilty for not sending much.  I’ll still pick up trade bait here and there so I can trade, and that’ll be a good way to get hits.  Pick up hits for your hits.

I guess since I try to show cards.  I’ll show you a few cards my wife picked up for me.  She’s really into free stuff online and coupons.  She earned some points on some website and picked up 4 cards of my team.  The usual with these kind of sites, advertise you can get vintage, but truth be told, we’re going to send you cards from 1986-1994.  Which is what they did.  4 1990 Fleer.  But it was a good purchase because it was free and I actually needed 3 of the 4.  The only one I had already had was an Ozzie Guillen.


So I got to add these to my collection.  Thanks baby!  Oh, that’s something else I need to do.  Add “Put away PC cards already scanned”  of course, by the time you get down here, you would have already read it and didn’t know I added it later.  Anyways, I jumped in on a 2012 Topps box break already (JABO’s) so hopefully I’ll get close if not complete a series 1 team set.

I gotta go do, I don’t know, something.  Crap!  Add catch up on all your blogs, I’m a few days behind on those too.

Maybe I’ll get everything done.  Either way, I’m out for now.


  1. Good post. I have been thinking the same thing. I may even cut back on box breaks and just join card drafts. That will give me more control over what cards that I receive.

  2. I won't be forgoing packs and boxes, but I may cut back a little. Busting wax is what kept me interested in the hobby when I was a kid and that "treasure hunt" mentality is still in my mind. Sure I might end up some cards I don't want to keep, but that is what trading with the community is for. Yes, it would be easier just to simply buy the cards on my want list from COMC or Sportslots, but I don't think I would appreciate them nearly as much as pack pulling or trading for them.
    You just can't beat being part of the trading community here.

  3. Oh and just a little tip with the want lists. What I did was get a few from the beginning and then got the past few years or so working backwards. Since more recent cards are more prevalent, it might serve you better to figure out what you need from like 2007 to present and then get your vintage stuff in line.

    Just a thought, so take it with a grain of salt.

  4. I told Spiegel that I couldn't just stop completely either. I enjoy opening packs as well. But I have to make more financial decisions with my collections for awhile. And while I do love trading, I have a bunch of cards from teams I don't have any traders for. The majority of that is base so I don't want to approach a fan for that team and not really have anything but base for them. So I end up with a lot of cards I don't want. I'll still spend a little money on cards for other traders, but I can justify that because I'll end up with cards that I do want.

    As far as my want lists, I'm forcing myself with the vintage first because I'm afraid when I get through the years I really want, I won't take the time to finish them. Kind of like setting up a reward to finish something. Sounds stupid, I realize that, but I have so much other things going on online that I have to make sure I take the time to finish it. If I did the stuff I wanted the most, I'd never take time to do the least. I'm funny that way I guess.