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Monday, January 16, 2012

Keeping Busy


It’s been a long winter waiting for spring training.  I always get excited when spring training approaches, I watch a few games but then lose interest until the end of spring training when the starters start playing more.  I’m keeping myself busy getting organized, posting to other blogs, watching Michigan basketball, and even a little bit of the NFL playoffs.  I sent off a few trades last Saturday, and am still getting some cards together for others.  Been doing other real life stuff to like Girl and Boy Scouts, homework and work.

I’ve enjoyed blogging, but I don’t always have a whole lot to say so I started a Tumblr account, basically a blog with photographs.  I went through my computer and posted some pics and reblogged a few I’ve found.  I plan on posting cards from here on there as well.  I got the idea from checking out Jonathan’s Tumblr “RGB cards”, you may know Jonathan from this blog though “RGB Cards”.  I like what he’s doing with his and thought this would be a good output for myself as well.  The bad news is I won’t be doing the photo cleansing posts here anymore because I will just post the photo’s I find there. 

So to run down all my blogs

  • Laws Reviews – I review mostly movies, but I plan on doing some other things.  Books, software, ect.  No storylines, just my opinions.  Just started that this year.
  • My Personal Collection – The plan is to scan every card in my PC’s and post it here.  I’ve gotten some up but nowhere near done.
  • My Sports Obsession – You might have heard of this one.
  • My Sports Obsession Tumblr – This is the new one mentioned above.
  • Random Thoughts from a Random Guy – This is just a random kind of blog.  For the most part I post humerous stuff I come across when I come across it.  Once in awhile, I’ll post happenings in my real life but being as I don’t really do much, those posts are far and few between.
  • Too Many Manninghams – Technically it’s not my blog, but Dennis lets me guest posts my Michigan material over there.

I’m not asking asking you to follow them all, just throwing them out there since I added the Tumblr blog as kind of as a sister blog to this one.

Remember to support your Wolverines for the next few weekends.  I’m rooting for this guy, he is one of my favorite alumni of Michigan.



  1. Wow, didn't realize you had so many blogs!

  2. I have to take a break away from cards every so often. It gives me something else to do.