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Saturday, January 21, 2012

There be some changes round here

I woke up this morning and read texts I received through the night and read this from ESPN “Reports – Colts have interviewed former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel for their coaching vacancy”  Hell, F***ing NO!  I am a Colts fan, not a Peyton Manning fan who just roots for the Colts because of him.  I rooted for the Colts and watched the majority of their games this year without Manning.  But when I read that text, I said to myself, if they hire him, I’m not rooting for the Colts anymore.  Now I’ve thought about it all day, and my mind hasn’t changed.  I don’t love the NFL like I do NCAA or MLB so I may not even have a favorite team.  I’ll just root for some players I like and that will be the end of it.  I truly hope that they don’t hire him for that position.  I was annoyed enough when they hired his ass for whatever he does for the team now.  If he coach’s, I’m gone.

I just spent 6 hours today just scanning.  Trades, Box Breaks and a crap load of 1973 and 1981 Topps.  The set cards are what took me forever because I had to scan those individually.  But all my scanning is done.  Whew!

I’ve said before that I need to be more organized and because I am organized now, I will be able to get the posts ready.  But I tend to leave all my cards left to post all stacked up until I get the post out in case I need to see it when typing it out.  Which leaves a few stacks of 1981’s and a small stack of 1973’s.  So I think I’m going to change the way I show the 81’s and 73’s.  I’m going to just show the card (that’s all we need to see anyways) and then my personal comments and my set info.  That way I don’t need to keep the cards stacked around and can store them.  I don’t have a desk or man cave or anything like that.  So when I leave cards stacked around, they are usually on a shelf next to the TV in the living room.  I usually type out my blog posts from my couch with my laptop.  So in order to get my card stacks out of the living room, I’m going to change those posts.  I am also going to possibly post a few cards per post.  If I don’t, it’ll take over 2 years of posts for each set.  Once I get through what I have those posts will slow down anyways.  Hope that’s cool with you guys who read it.  But this isn’t a set blog so I find this best for me.

Now I plan on spending the rest of my evening getting posts ready for the next week or so plus a whole bunch of 81 posts  Ho hum, the day in the life of a blogger.

I do have a question for all of you though.  I generally respond to comments via email and if you don’t have an email attached to your comments, I respond on the post.  What does everyone prefer?  Or do you not have a preference.  Let me know, you all know how.


  1. Can't wait to see what you've got lined up, and I've found that sometimes I have to cut back on the way I do things because posting gets to work-intensive. Regarding comments, up til this month I was just replying via email, but now I'm doing both just in case, and I think it's been a good thing.

  2. I like the e-mail, I don't always have time to go back to a post to read comments

  3. Yep, email's nice. If I remember, i hit the "subscribe by email" link if I think there might be a thread worth reading on someone's post that I comment on.

  4. well, until blogger fixes the comments thing, email is definitely better.

  5. I also try to remember to check the box to email followup comments, but I really wish that could be on by default. If a blogger wants to be sure I read the response, an email is still best. I actually don't see the followup option on your blog, is that something you can turn off?

  6. If the response isn't private I'd post it as a comment. That way everyone can follow along. I almost always click on the subscribe thing, so it comes there anyway.

  7. i like email, but totally open if its a comment worth sharing with everyone for fun or info.

  8. I almost always reply to my comments via email unless the comment maker's email shows up as noreply@blogger.com. If it is something important for others to see I may do both, but I often just reply to say thank you for commenting or I agree/disagree. Just a general courtesy, but a practical one as well.

    I love getting comments, but it sometimes feels like pulling teeth to get people to comment. It really makes me feel like what I am doing with my blog matters to someone.