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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Box Break from the Dimwit

Don’t the name fool you, Sam knows what he’s doing over at the “the Daily Dimwit”,  He held a box break of some nice sets.  You got 2 teams, you picked one and one was randomed.  My randomed team was the A’s.


A Frank Thomas card, too bad it’s with the A’s.  The Manny Ramirez/Matt Holiday card on the bottom right is numbered.  I assume the cards that weren’t with a specific team got randomed, that’s where the Michael Beasley comes in.  As well as these 2 cards.


I would have posted that MLK card on Monday had I realized I had it.  All the above are available if you are interested.


I haven’t checked to see which of these cards I have yet but I only recognized a few.  The Thome SP Authentic is numbered so it’ll go to the Sox collection whether I already have it or not.


I like thse cards and it was one of the reasons I joined this break.  I really like the Konerko card at the bottom.  I love the design, and it’s numbered.

So a great box break, thanks Sam, for hosting and running it.  I enjoyed it and I look forward to others.  Be sure to check him out at “the Daily Dimwit”.

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  1. I'm interested in the Ramirez-Holliday card. I drew the White Sox in another break, so I've got some cards for you.